Featured Speakers:

 Ken Fritzsche
Ken Fritzsche
Director, Identity Technology Division
Office of Biometric Identity Management (OBIM)
 James Loudermilk
James Loudermilk
Senior Level Technologist
 Paul Souza
Paul Souza
Deputy Director
Plymouth County BCI
 Stephen L. Morris
Stephen L. Morris
Assistant Director, Criminal Justice Information Services Division
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Scott Ulrich
Chief Architect
 Leslie Hope
Leslie Hope
Biometrics Chief, Biometrics Division
U.S. Department of Homeland Security/USCIS
 Paul Good
Paul Good
Assistant Chief Biometrics, Enforcement Systems Branch-Biometrics
Office of Border Patrol Enforcement Systems
 John Woods
John Woods
Assistant Director
ICE Homeland Security Investigations
 Thirimachos Bourlai
Thirimachos Bourlai
Director: Multispectral Imagery Lab (MILab) (Dept of Forensic and Investigative Sciences), Assistant Professor (Biometrics/Biomedical) - LCSEE
West Virginia University
 Jeremy Slavish
Jeremy Slavish
Director of Biometrics/Identification, Biometrics and Identification Division
Michigan State Police
 John Schwartz
John Schwartz
Program Lead, TSA/TWIC
 Kathy Wojciechowski
Kathy Wojciechowski
Chief, Law Enforcement, Air Provost
US Airforce HQ ACC/A75

Next Generation Identification: Speed, Accuracy, Mobility, Durability

Biometrics is an evolving technology for government and law enforcement agencies. Threats are becoming more complex and we must stay armed with the most up-to-date and effective tools, techniques, and technologies in identification to prevent crimes and security issues before they start.

Biometrics for Government and Law Enforcement returns for its 9th consecutive year as the only biometrics event to exclusively cater to the needs of federal government and local law enforcement. Join hundreds of biometric professionals (both industry and end users) to preview the future of biometric initiatives and technology, first hand from those leading the direction of our upcoming efforts.

Engage in discussions with representatives from DHS, the U.S. Army, CBP, FBI, Michigan State Police, TSA, USCIS, and others that will amplify your biometrics knowledge and growth. Don’t miss this year’s agenda that offers focused breakout sessions focused on future requirements, science and technology, and field operations. No one will get left behind at this year’s program as we will provide value to every stakeholder in this space.

New for 2015: NGI & Technical Training Day and brand new tracked sessions on future requirements, science & technology and field operations.

Topics Will Cover:

  • Hands on training to get your field operators aligned with future requirements
  • Tactics for a seamless integration to Next Generation Identification systems
  • Biometrics file standards
  • The latest developments in smart phone based all in one scanners
  • Newest options for rugged scanners
  • Intuitive biometrics scanners that align to any environment
  • Biometric cyber security
  • Interoperability opportunities
  • Keeping track of changing templates

Other Concepts You Will Learn Include:

  • Template protection
  • Verifier assessment
  • Developing metrics to assess biometric enterprise effectiveness
  • Transitioning existing records programs into digital format
  • Inter-program data sharing
  • Implementation of software that improves effectiveness of legacy systems
  • Utilization of commercial mobile devices as scanner solutions
  • Intuitive environment adaptation
  • Cancellable biometrics
  • Recognition from biometric patches
  • Gait recognition


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